The crises that have devastated our country since 2019 with the revolt against corruption, the economic crisis that has changed our way of life, COVID’19 that has isolated the community until the explosion of the port in 2020, have changed and disrupted our daily lives.
These crises have affected the way we communicate with others, our movements in relation to space, our habits and the way we connect and communicate with people and things.
RE-CONNECT is the theme of the DAID Online 2021-2022 exhibition, three years after the beginning of this change that has influenced our way of life and consequently our curriculum.
Design studios at across the program examined the repercussions of the lockdown measures and the economic crisis on multiple-scale designs and social behaviours, proposed new alternatives to restore broken bonds and/or promoted the revival old practices. The exhibition features students’ work from the architecture and interior design programs ranging from punctual and small scale design projects to larger and more comprehensive urban design strategies.

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