alaa nassar + myriam al atat

Going through Bourj Hammoud, One of its memorable characteristics is its hanging wires that blur the boundary between its buildings and its people. Its spaces are extremely serene yet simple, but it is as if that simplicity has a certain delicacy to it a sensitivity to spaces that you do not see everywhere. This impacts the way people perceive the spaces, how they dwell them, what they perceive from them. With that being said, it deems the region as a sensitive one and where the wires impact its overview as a hanging city and that helped create diverse interstitial spaces visual qualities. 
This project aims to mimic the emotional aspect of the region, it aims to continue it in a well-associated and sustainable manner. The project presents Bamboo units in which the spaces are studied to carefully accommodate the inhabitants as something quite similar to Borj Hammoud. It also provides a variable that is new to the region which is Bamboo, which not only helps on the grandiose level but on the small level also in terms of manufacturing and environment as well. The project tends to bind two regions of different criteria together to make them as one, and provide the people with open entertainment places and parks to further bring them together. It is a metropolis that hangs over both targeting the accessibility, the environment in terms of green areas, the sustainability and the people’s emotions through their get together. The project is a business that aims to constantly expand throughout the region and as such rendering it a catalyst that will overtake the urban fabric emphasizing its green agenda.

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