carol farraji

The northern bed of Beirut’s river that spreads from Bourj Hammoud to Sin El Fil constitutes a knotting node for boundaries of physical and mental complexion. Amid perpetual snowballing of national and international crises, individuals, coming from extremely diverse backgrounds with a luggage of a traumatic past, an unestablished future, and an abusive present, are forced to coexist in a neglected peripheral suburb of Beirut. For that, a Meso-Liminal Apparatus was devised on two polar sites by the river; along with several satellite bodies within the urban area of intervention that serve as urban prostheses feeding into the needs of their surrounding clusters. The two main apparatuses however, introduce a mechanism of mental therapy based on different forms of production, thus, portraying mental health as a basic need among other humanitarian needs such as clean air, clean water, and efficient energy production which are accommodated for in two air purifying towers and water sourcing, energy producing, aquatic extensions. It is vital to point out that these functions work together in a machine-like structure within a post-apocalyptic regenerative scene of greenery that gives public access to most corners of the project and reclaims the region neighboring the river while experimenting with what a boundary really means.

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