charles abi chahine

Most countries have protected areas designed to keep a good percentage of the land clean for all to enjoy yet still available to be explored and appreciated in one way or another. Anfeh has a lot to offer, from its salt ponds along the coast, to its agriculture lands, and fishing activity. This project commemorates the long living culture of Anfeh. Restoring the salinas is an opportunity to not just rebuild, but to create a narrative around the degrading heritage of Anfeh. It is an important base for tourists wanting to learn more about this small town. Capitalizing on the prime location and proximity to key attractions in town, a diverse yet public project has been imagined; an urban village of shopping, food, craft, culture, and learning. A public plaza, an extension of the historic footpath is provided, bringing people in from all over the city and creating essential breakout spaces for the young and old.

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