tutor | vanessa dammous


P1 | Urban Garden
In the form of a collage, using maps and photographs, students are assigned to draw the site’s urban experience. Students are then asked to construct diagrams in the form of axonometric layers that will work as devices for the architectural intervention. These diagrams uncover the nature of the relationship between nature and interior space. The program of the intervention will include a house for the “urban gardener” as well as the required amenities for his/her work / production. It will focus on the public space, the interior vs. exterior, the constant dialogue between nature & structure, movement and visibility, accessibility, being-in, being-out…

P2 | Primary School, Senegal (competition)
In the second project, the brief of the Kaira Looro Primary School competition was used. Following a precedent analysis, students started by developing one unit that reflected the activities performed by its users and its relation to the exterior space. The repetition of these units within an appropriate organization, a circulation system from, to and between the units, the access to the school, the spatial qualities within the project as well as its location on site generated the design of the school. The school’s construction materials were discussed and chosen from the surrounding area.

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