Elie Aoun

In its literal meaning, the Upsilon represents the letter Y in the Greek Alphabet. This letter, which is before the last in the Latin Alphabet holds the symbolic meaning of the project representing a petroglyph, or more to say, a milestone embedding a thousand milestones of history, culture, and heritage layers which the city of Byblos mothered through the ancient years till today.
Moreover, the project in its physical location positions itself at the very beginning of the touristic path of the different monuments and old cities of Byblos, acting as a gate to the city, an information point, through which, the visitor can acquire acquaintance with the history of the city and its people. Nevertheless, it also completes the loop and takes a position before the last, standing as a petroglyph of the city’s history, formulating through its spaces and program a moment of experience from which one can look back or from which one can look ahead, framing a vantage point in the timeline of the city.
Furthermore, part of its program is dedicated to academic gatherings, hosting the respective events, lectures, and exhibitions. Further pushing the boundaries of its function as the city’s petroglyph of both past and future.

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