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A Place For Doing
This first exercise focuses on small scale architecture and is an exploration of form, structure & qualities of spaces. Based on the analysis of canonical architectural projects, the students will be asked to design a place for doing.
They will choose an activity for which they will design a hosting place limited to a max. footprint of 30sqm. The nature and the choice of the activity will emanate from the students personal interest and interpretation of the precedent. The students are expected to reinvest the learning outcomes of the previous studios in this exercise taking into consideration the human scale, proportion and qualities of spaces. Furthermore, an imaginary site for the project will be proposed to define a potential dialogue between the interior and the exterior and bring justification to the opening and accesses of the project.

The Feel-Good Place
This second exercise is a culmination of research on the topic and a relevant precedent analysis. The students are expected to reflect on the form, structure & qualities of spaces of a medium size project (notions addressed in Ex1) as well as on the functional organization of the project and its atmospheres (notions to be addressed in Ex2). The definition of a Feel-Good Place is key in this project and will be at the heart of an investigation of atmospheres and spatial qualities associated with this definition/program.
The first part consists of the analysis of a canonical project addressing fundamental principles of design and shedding light on the importance of spatial relations such as transitional spaces, thresholds, natural light, views, balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, and proportion in interior spaces.
The final project is a design application of the learning outcomes from the precedent analysis. Based on their analysis, the students will fine-tune the program of the project
Proposing indoor as well as outdoor spaces within the constraints of a larger envelope set by the instructor.
The interplay between the program components, the mass and void and the relation between indoor and outdoor spaces will be at the heart of the interior design of the project.

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