tutor | jamil assaly


During the Fall 2022 semester, the INAR431 Design V students were asked to design a retail shop located in the area of Hamra – Near LAU. The type of retail was of their choice.
As a first step, students focused on specifying their type of retail by conducting an extensive research about it to develop a list of requirements that respond to the project’s needs and specificities such as special features for goods’ display, precise lighting, adequate choice of materials, specific retail items’ dimensions and needs. They also reinforced their understanding of the topic by analyzing precedents projects of the same type and scale. They also built a full comprehension of their site by understanding its architecture and its surroundings. Subsequently, they were able to build their project’s program and come up with their design strategy focusing on the client’s experience and securing a successful retail operation.
In a second phase, they developed their project in full while implementing their learnings in regard to technical details as part of the design by implementing HVAC systems and lighting previsions. They ended up by submitting a full-fledged project with a complete set of drawings as well as an elaborate model.
In a final phase, students developed interesting detailed areas of their project, on the scales of 1/20, 1/10, and 1/5, in relation to their choice of materials, their properties, and their mode of assembly. They developed interior elevations, 3D views, and a detailed model of an architectural element of their project.

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