tutor | pierre hage-boutros


The studio will take as an object of intervention a building in the city that has a story of successive remodeling and will envision new ways of transforming its interior space. The site of intervention was located in Tripoli, and included a densily layered urban fabric that included the Khan al Khayyatin, the adjacent hammam Ezzedine, and various peripheral buildings, that extended along a West-East axis, away from the old city, towards Nahr Abou Ali.
Each student was asked to fill in the blank space in the above-mentioned project title: Designing Hospitality Spaces in Time of … and accordingly, propose a consistent narrative for the whole site in general and the hotel identity, based on his/her understanding of the historical city and its shifting morphology over time; investigating the new relationships that the insertion of the hotel program will establish with its surroundings: the bath, the khan and the surrounding streets.

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