kinda dekmak

Lebanon is known for its profound wine culture; it includes all of the components of wine tourism except for two – an immersive accommodation and a curated wine route – Locus 7 is the missing piece of the puzzle, situated on the seventh point of the immersive wine trail developed throughout this research. The project takes you through levels of immersivity that gradually increases from start to end, comprising three different functions – a restaurant, a vino therapy center and lofts. Each program is situated on a different point of the set landscape, depending on the level on privacy and immersivity. The project is located in Tal Dnoub in the Bekaa Valley, the nature of the site is very special as it is a manmade hill overlooking a seemingly infinite extension of vineyards. The restaurant being the least private space benefits from a 360 view of all the Bekaa and the two mountain chains, The vino therapy center is an entity anchored in the heart of the topography, very much concealed, where the people getting treated with wine start creating a connection with the vineyards invading the space, finally reaching the lofts after a promenade through the vine lines. The lofts are the most immersive locus being embedded in the landscape of vineyards that engulfs the whole façade of the unit and throws you into the vine lines to explore.
Crowning the project is a water funnel that collects water and filters it throughout the rain season, and acts as an amphitheater and a bonfire place along the summer.

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