lara el haj

Lebanon has witnessed several invasions over the centuries, ones in which have shaped the architecture of the country into what it is today. And while history is everywhere, it’s also nowhere, we’re acknowledged of its presence but not fully educated in its influence. Khan al Khayyatin, located in the heart of historic Tripoli, is preserved and renovated into a boutique hotel that reattaches its visitors to history, and modern living to history. Through focusing on the main periods: Roman, Byzantine, Mamluk, Ottoman and the French which have influenced Tripoli the most, each room is themed into one of the mentioned eras, in which the visitor gets the opportunity to time travel to the period they choose. In contrast to the past, the ‘Black box’ is highlighting the modern, representing function. This facility aims to attach the detached, where each visitor gets to choose their own experience yet still being fully comfortable with the contemporary functions. While preserving the architecture and essence of the area, a bold intervention grows on this building creating an area where the historical and the contemporary can co-exist. As well as indirectly educates its guests on the history and culture, raising awareness, knowledge in the city.

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