lea nakad

This pod is designed for a hypochondriac person, it is a delusion that one is suffering from some disease for which no physical basis is evident. The men living in this capsule is in his forties, he is writer and is scared from germs and viruses due to a certain incident that happened in his earlier age.
This project consists on designing a space where its user can relax, recharge, feel safe and be away from germs without being out of his comfort zone. In other words, this place feels like his nest, his safe place.
Due to further research, this capsule is made of rounded surfaces and no corners which in fact help his case a lot since it is easier to clean. This way of collecting less dust or bacteria is used a lot in hospitals. it has a futuristic shape made of material which are unified: 3D printing for example to avoid any joints and glossy white material from the interior space since it shows hygiene. The entrance of my capsule is made of a sanitizing chamber to eliminate any germs before he enters the space. In addition, since the project is a 20-meter cube capsule it is easier for everything to be in place, organized.
The spherical shape of my pod is inspired by the bubbles of soap which relates to hygiene. This shape is beneficial because during rainy days it facilitates the collection of the water since it slips easily to the bottom and gets collected as well as filtered in the lower tank and then used in the capsule.
On the other, the layering of material or arcs in my model inspired me to achieve the extension phase which consisted in fact to extend those layers forming a space to stargaze while being at home at the same time.

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