maya slim

About my exhibition space: My design is an exhibition space that seamlessly integrates furniture and art pieces to create a harmonious atmosphere. The space is well-coordinated, with an open layout that is both inviting and inclosed where necessary, such as the second floor, which is designed to protect valuable pieces.On the lower floor, I opted for an open design that showcases the connection between the interior and the exterior. With access to both the garden and the street, visitors can experience the natural surroundings while enjoying the exhibition space.To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space, I paid special attention to the display of the art pieces and furniture. Each piece is carefully coordinated to complement the others and create a cohesive design.The design includes different levels and heights that create a flow and connection between visitors. This allows them to see the pieces from different angles and engage with each other while moving through the space. It also adds depth and complexity to the exhibition, making it a memorable experience for all.Overall, my design not only provides a functional exhibition space but also a visually stunning experience for visitors.

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