nawal el mekkaoui

P1 | Urban Garden
Nature was taking control of the abandoned houses in the site. Nature was randomly growing dominating. On the opposite, when architecture was dominant, nature (or vegetation) was wrapping around as a “new” layer around the building (not from with). It followed the grid, the rhythm of the façade. This dual relation of nature was of interest to pursue the project on the theme of permanence and temporality.

P2 | Primary School, Senegal
Most of the buildings of the Skadalen school of the deaf children (Sverre Fehn) are formed of a semi-circle and some of them are classes that have an open-class system. The primary school in Senegal, to improve the mental health of the children, was an exploration of the semi-circle in space, for its soft and smooth feel, also providing protection. Natural light is another important feature and outdoor spaces like courtyards and gardens are found in a form of in-between spaces.

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