rifale bekdash

Anfeh is a seaside fishing town known for its ancient churches, caves, and natural resources such as olive oil production, fishing, and salt production. For decades, salt have been a staple of the local economy “White gold” and the production of olive oil that dates to the Byzantine era. The project is situated on a calm hill distant from the old town, facing one of the oldest churches “Saydet El Kharayeb” and overlooking the town of Anfeh, the sea and olive groves. The project symbolizes the scenery of the Salinas on the shore of “Ras El Natour” and its different features, such as the topography, different levels, layering, sunken salinas, ascending landscape, and the passages in between the saltpans. The project focuses on recreating the experience and sensation of the ascending salinas. Mainly, it consists of an olive oil museum, cellar, shop, olive oil tasting room, laboratory, restaurants, health club, and a guest house. Many different passages are translated in different ways some green spaces, sunken water ponds, and green roofs.

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