taliah tabbara

Golden age in Lebanon started in the mid-1950s and lasted until the beginning of the civil war. Tripoli today is mostly a Mamluk creation. The characteristics of the architecture of the period are best seen in the mosques and madrassas, the Islamic schools. In 1958 it was decided to build an International Fair in the hope of putting Lebanon on the world map and allowing Lebanon and other Arab countries to showcase their products. Oscar Niemeyer was invited to design the famous project. Niemeyer’s contrast was to implement the concrete modern architecture. For my concept is to bring new architectural elements to the old Mamluk City and reflect them in the ambiance of the hotel in the exterior and the interior spaces. My intervention will be influenced by the international fair’s architecture. A contrast between the Mamluk era and the golden age of Tripoli. Adding bold lines, fluid forms, and dynamic use of concrete and glass while having the sense of movement and dynamism, preserving natural light, the fluidity of the forms and the interplay of light and shadow.

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