tamara nasr

The project ideated itself from the problematic of finding novel ways to conceive housing in a city in crisis. Facing a busy square in Sakiet El-Janzeer, in Beirut, the project sought to engage with the small-scale socio-commercial activities around the site while accommodating flexible & unique apartments for residents seeking cheaper options in one of the densest parts of the city. This was achieved through a formal system of towers consisting of compact living units stacked vertically, with several common functions (communal kitchen, screening room, day care, winter garden & green terraces) spreading on platforms connected through an external circulation path. Each tower contains a continuous stair running through all the living units. These stairs may be opened or closed to allow for near-countless recombination of the units from simplexes to quadruplexes or more, thus adapting to each family’s needs as it grows or shrinks.

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