tarek labaki

“Where there is Water, there is life”
Following the principles of Biophilic design, my boutique hotel & identity has been inspired by the abundance of human nature & the functional attributes human beings hold within their bodies to live a daily life. The Heart being the most crucial aspect of function which pumps blood around the body, also acquires elements that carry the blood throughout, which are well known as the veins & arteries. My Boutique hotel identity allows the viewers to feel the essence of being within a human body in an architectural dialect, being the exposed copper pipes that carry water around the structure the significant relation of how blood flows throughout veins, & the exposed water pump station in the entrance to signify the importance of a heart. My approach to materials has been selected by improvising the importance of using vernacular materials within the location of execution, & the importance of making visitors feel the purification & wellbeing ambience of the materials in relation to Water & Hygiene.
Water • Hygiene • Purification • Well Being

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