The Punctured Boundaries

ahmad bissani

The institution aims to support Beirut’s recovery from the current crisis, by restoring Mar Mkhael’s historical economic and industrial glory, through a twenty first century lens, by educating people on technology and computers. Thus, the institution aims, not only to educate and train the students on computer, but to also engage the community in different spaces and programs to allow for higher computer literacy, and result in a more productive society, fit for today’s challenging existence.
The building is a long mass that runs along the site, to make way for a public space that goes along and into the community, and to maintain and strengthen the existing relations between the different edges of the neighborhood that the site used to mediate.
The linearity of the building is broken by puncturing the mass, to create voids that transcend all levels and boundaries, to allow for unified spaces that connects the institution, students, and community together. In addition, the circulation in the institution is organized around these punctures to push the students and community from the different levels of the neighborhood up and down the building, thus extending the streets into the institution. The diverse programs in the building and punctures are all wrapped in a skin that unites the public and education programs into one synergetic organization.

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