alaa misto

The site becomes a pit, turned inwards, perforated, and hosting conflict on its multi-layered grounds, a staged play of diverse performers and permeable invaders, and a narrator of temporality, adaptability, and accumulation.
The proposal tackles the multiple friction lines along the Ouzai-Jnah stretch as an opportunity and tailors within a generator, a condenser of wastes and crafts. In this condenser, end products become the starting point. The project takes the site invaders, wastes produced from the existing furniture and mechanical industry, to be sorted, recycled, and put at the disposal of the creating hands. It lays upon such industries an educational framework that behaves as an extension of the existing street situation and in return projects opportunities for expansion and change.
This interplay of ‘unmaking’ and ‘making’ processes weaves itself within the site through an accumulation of multi-leveled public platforms of play leading upon an interactive exhibition space that merges the 2 sides of the project, crafts and technology, allowing for a permeable roof situation. The project then becomes a state of suspended animation, an in-between space, where one pauses, learns, creates, and transforms.

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