alaa misto

How can architecture materialize the absurdity of what is, what has been, and what is to be?
The created state attempts a constant mimicry of nothingness, a recorder that preserves, conceives, and materializes the past as a causal sequence of events leading up to an oblivious present.
An alienated patch is chosen. A host is introduced, retrofitted with a data center, recorders, and printing axes. An infrastructure of recorders, printers, and waste collectors establishes a phygital threading. The threads develop to describe an organic layering system, its build up being that of the material and immaterial recordings.
It remains though, that this final state is not but a myth. Dissociative as it is, it preserves memory to promote memory-lessness, distorting instead of restoring, and self-generating in infinite variations. History then is mere data for its growth. Its presence is not but a coming to be through not being.

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