alexa el khoury

Unlike the traditional neighborhoods of Beirut, Karm El Zeitoun is characterized by a neighborly and accommodating lifestyle: most of the dwellers are exposing their belongings outside of their houses, and, thus, extending the boundaries of the private spaces. They also have created some meeting points and areas where they could chit chat and have some brief conversations. This way of living has consequently changed the architectural scheme of the area. The threshold which is, by definition, a place of transition that separates the spaces from each other, fails at imposing distinctive limits between the public and private, and turns to become a place for collective activities and exchange of boundaries between the spaces. Following this phenomenon, other architectural elements such as stairs, landings, cantilevers etc. are intervening to allow a minimal organization between the spaces.
The system is based on the same concept; the units could be interconnected together and thus creating common spaces that are “melting” all together.
In other words, the system is designed in a way to stay true to the social aspects that characterize Karm El Zeitoun.

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