alexa el khoury

In all of the three precedents given: House for a priest, Abensberg, Germany by Olgiati, Studio Bardil, Chur by Olgiati and Solo House, Matarana, Spain by Office KGDVS, the roof stands as a strong connector between the project and their context. In fact, it controls perfectly the infiltration of the nature within those buildings, it shapes the spaces and comes as a result of a certain demand for coexistence between the projects and their environment.
In the room for two project, the same approach will be taken in order to design the house whose concept would eventually be based on the relation with the outside.
The project will be placed in a humid and wet atmosphere seeing that nature is manifested in a very apparent way in such environments. Thus, the design of the house would aim to create a coexistence between the interior and the nature which would be interfering.

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