amale chehade

Getting inspired by Le Corbusier who designed the Single House by defining the house as a machine and playing around the module of a box by adding, subtracting, and inserting ribbon windows on the façade which were placed in the fire station to provide natural light for the interior. In addition, Le Corbusier inserted a void and played with the proportions in the house to allow a sense of voyeurism where the people on the second floor can see people on the first floor by looking from the mezzanine to create a sense of socializing. Hence, the fire station was designed through similar principles. Moreover, considering the site, the fire station’s site is a corner plot having two streets on opposite sides, so taking Le Corbusier’s concept of carving the box and making the fire station open to the street to make the people part of it. Also, the passageway that leads to the garden is carved from the fire station to make it accessible for the people passing through the street. In addition, the fire station is an exhibition through displaying the heroes, firefighters, through voyeurism. In other words, several platforms that are defined through function are placed in a way where the users have a visual connection and a clear view of the exhibit (a mini fire truck and statues of the firefighters). Finally, the last level which is the living quarters is enhanced with two courtyards one is private and the other is a roof garden with two views one for the street and the other viewing a garden.

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