Andira Khanafer

The « Collective Apparatus » is a vocational school located in the heart of Mar Mkhayel, Beirut.
It incorporates a public facet; restaurant and seating areas on the ground floor & a more educational & cultural facet; a wood and metal & a culinary program. Each program is located at an edge of the site, and they unite on the upper floor that is dedicated to theoretical classes for both programs and a student lounge.
The relation between the several blocks of the project (due to the way they exist on site, and the presence of a core in each block) creates a dynamic loop and a sense of proximity. Another feature of the Collective Apparatus is the way it connects with existing stairs on 2 parallel walkways. This sense of connectivity creates a seamless experience for the users, and they help in connecting the outer parts of the site: the project becomes an extension of the fabric of Mar Mkhayel.
Throughout the process, a particular attention was given to:
-the preservation of the site’s memory & spirit, that is currently used as public space
-the means of egress that become part of the design and enhances the connections and entry points
-an understanding of the components of the skin & structure and how they affect the comfort and efficiency of the project.

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