Aya Abadi

When considering “How Will We Live Together”, it is important to note the projective and future tense of the phrase. The idea not only encompasses ways we already share our built environment but targets new ways to facilitate communal and mutually beneficial ways of living.
Despite the most recent health concerns, economic disparities, and environmental and social calamities, the study site “Al Jenah” is still heading towards dense business projects. In fact, a recent study by the Municipality stated that the percentage of commercial and retail spaces has increased dramatically in the recent years.
That led the site to an ongoing demand for residential projects. To address this shortage we will design a communal housing inspired by the “Old Villages”. Using stacked dwellings we will modernize the rural settlements typology housing and design them in a way to provide limitless route for spontaneous rendezvous or keeping a private and safe distant. The sharing ground in-between the dwellings is what I call the “the meeting pod”.

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