aya abou saleh

A room for Two
A unit was designed with several large openings creating a transparent relationship between the interior and the exterior world, connecting the visual to the surrounding without being part of it. An interior arrangement was used to organize the space spatially manifesting it. An axial movement created throughout the house presenting the continuity of the linear walls that guide the body through space.
The System: Can we live together?
As for the system done out of units, the axial movement in the linear configuration of Halen Housing was the engine of this system adopted with visual continuity. A terrace is created between the units to connect the whole system on one platform, becoming the intermediate zone that allows for a physical connection. As for transparency, that shows the change of scenes in the theatre on the level of the city. These scenographic scenes are done through the shifting voids that cut through the unit allowing the elderly to look after the teenagers and vice versa.

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