aya abou saleh

In 2020 the blast happened and karantina and Mar Mikhael were mostly effected. The two parts of the city were united through their emotions at that time. So a program was needed in that area to express their feelings in a different aspect.
The program is an art gallery which is placed to express the feelings of the people there as they unite with their emotions through art. However, the lack of public libraries in the area call for the need of doing one.
The project tackles the issue of connectivity, an urban connector is there to merge the different parts of the city through a cable stayed bridge that allow the pedestrians to move from Mar Mikhael to karantina and vice versa. This bridge acts as an urban connector yet it can be a space of disconnection where people can spend their time in the art gallery that is continuous from the ground floor to the platform of the bridge through different units that are replica of the form of the main art gallery. The lack of openings in the art gallery and the interior voids are there to create introverted spaces allowing for interaction between the visitors. The organization is arranged in linear manner for the whole system as the three units are disconnected yet they unite through a ramp that unifies the linear form. The spaces are then planned according to noise zoning. For the library, the reading areas raise up to first floor away from potential noise area, large openings for natural sunlight, ventilation and pleasant view creating visual connection with the exterior.

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