carine abboud

During the first weeks the studio explored a small alley, (‘zaroub’, زقا†ق†) situated in the old city of Batroun. Students were asked to describe its interior qualities, through an analysis of its dimensions, its relative scale, its geometry, its light quality, and materiality; defining its threshold(s) and mapping of the motion of the passersby. The study will made use of conventional instruments (tape measure, plummets, bubble levels, photographic cameras…) but it will also encouraged the production of custom-made instruments, that would constitute meaningful interfaces between the body and the space.
They also explored the use of various methods of representation to record their findings: freehand and hardline drawings, model form, photography, collage, diagrams… A series of drawings (scale 1/200 – 1:50) and models were produced that expressed or inverted the open/close and solid/void relationships.

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