celine lahoud

After the explosion of the 4th of August, Beirut and the Lebanese population was left in shatters and loss. Apart from losing loved ones, the Lebanese people lost a lot of heritage homes and therefore anything that is of heritage in Beirut today should be valued and preserved. The heritage home of this project was revived through intervening in the project, highlighting and reviving certain spatial qualities through an opening up of the architecture and the activation of the garden with respect to its surroundings. This was done while valuing the different groundings of the space and the importance of the fenestrations. The intervention activates the building so it is no longer static but moves out into the space in front of it reaching out from the interior, therefore presenting the garden of the transitional space between heritage of the house and the heritage of the stairs. Reviving this project mimics the stamina of the area, where the house becomes a cultural space hosting a media room, gift-shop, and cafeteria all stemming from a central void space that allows the skylight into the project. There is also a social reception space linked to the extension that hosts artists conversations.

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