Charbel Bou Jaber

The Beirut Explosion was one of the most devastating occurences in lebanese history. After the impact, a huge disorder and chaotic environment concurred the streets of Beirut, and especially those of Mar Mikhael. After an intense analysis of the urban mutations that occurred in the city, there was a need for an order, to balance out the losses and frustrations that were unleashed. So after interpreting the site elements and restrictions, a program that combined the order and the chaos was formed. This program created a machine where the two outcomes relied on each other, so the chaos and order for instance became two entities that show duality, yet rely on each other to work properly. The ideal merger for this ideology was the implementation of a theater program where the relation between the “scene” and the “unseen”, as in the act on stage, versus the working actors in the backstage, embodied this concept of having a monumental scene for the public, versus a city life environment for the private sector. So in all chaos there is a cosmos, and in all disorder a secret order.


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