charbel bou jaber

Bounded by Charles el Helou, the Beirut river, and Independence road, lies Qobayat, Badaweh region. An area that was supposed to be residential and commercial by use, is now a ghost town with no urban activity both on the ground floor and in the vacant apartment buildings, due to the high real estate and land prices. The Micro Neighborhood suggests a mixed use project that encourages and enables the young families and couples of Badaweh to reside in. The project advocates an affordable qualitative lifestyle. The ground floor’s corner invites the idea of the American garage sale where people, mostly elderly, can donate or sell used furniture, clothing and appliances to aid the families in reinventing the interior of the given typologies. Shops are also provided for the families, where they can deliver a function or sell a certain product to the people. The market is set in an open corner which reinforces a call to the public. Following the piazza is a gradually narrowing corridor which naturally transports the living residents into their local private realm located in an inner courtyard, consisting of a small green park and a seating area for personal leisure time. In the midst of place where building apartments are unaffordable, the ground floor is deactivated and the youth have migrated, the micro neighborhood will ensure a low cost housing situation and an active public market which will become an emblem for the new lifestyle in the center of Badaweh.

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