chawki el kozah

The Site’s identity is fading away with time; the new building typologies are not allowing the visual and physical social interactions which used to happen in the past. The activities that happen in the site are mostly done by 40-year-old people, who are used to the social relationship with the public. While they still exist in some places, (the garden, and the old buildings: the small shops and the open ground floor), it can be predicted that they are slowly coming to end with time. To preserve that, a solution can be to design a community center to increase the social activity and an elderly house to preserve the social interactions for the old people who are already used to that extroverted language. To connect the programs, a ramp is used for the circulation of the elderly house that will have various connections with the different functions of the community center, either visually (to the exhibition space, cafe, and auditorium) or physically (to the gym, library, and game area).

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