Architecture of Healing

chirin el ali

my project aims to be a shared community space and a space of recovery. The project stemmed out of a meticulous research of the Quarantina -Al Khodor area in the aftermath of the Beirut port blast, proposing an emergency operation center that can double as a community center for local residents in the times of normalcy. The goal of the project is to introduce spaces that could address post emergency and recovery through an architecture of healing, embodying adaptability, flexibility and transformability in its spaces.
As an emergency center, the project connects to the nearby hospital and military base through a shared basement, offering a multi-institutional infrastructure that can perform at an expanded scale in the case of disasters. As a community center, the project aims to integrate in its physical and social context firstly through a program that gives back to the community much needed amenities, and secondly through a spatial porosity that develops into an architectural language, constructively engaging interior with exterior, project courtyards with nearby open spaces, underground with above ground and the social surroundings with the community/ emergency operation center. Through its orientation, massing, courtyards, skin and passive building systems, the building is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe in a manner that allows it to operate off-grid during emergency mode.

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