christina jane tanios

The project focuses on the regeneration process in rundown urban area of Medawar dealing with an immunity enhancer Center and health related facility. Lebanon has witnessed devastating predicaments (global pandemic, economic crisis, August 4th blast…). Conflicts aroused in several neighborhoods precisely in the periphery, Karantina. Innovative policies are implemented to improve the people’s situation by focusing on the people’s wellbeing.
Karantina has witnessed waves of refugees fleeing from civil wars where they were forced to get a vaccine before leaving. In other words, they were quarantined and treated in Karantina.
The program is based on a bottom up approach that consists of a wellness immunity booster center to fight against possible future viruses or previous psychological scars and help protect and boost the people’s health, mind and soul. All while simultaneously highlighting the sutured linear connection created by the green urban park that provides an urban direction and enhances port-city relationship.

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