cindy bejjani

Located at the heart of Jeddah, the old heritage town, Al Balad, is transformed from a fishing harbor to a trading port that serves at an international level. Consequently, fishermen of that old town are in danger because the sea is pushed away from the old town to build the New Islamic Port. Nowadays, many people who want to work have moved away from Al Balad to more business cities and only poor immigrants and travelers stay in Al Balad.
The intervention happens at an authentic land adjacent to Al Arabaeen lake which existed since the birth of the city. The project rises out of the historical lake through a sansul structure, which becomes a fish market and opens up to the sea. The landscape project bridges over the main road creating a gate in front of the old city. The project ends with an amphitheater stair that narrows down towards the old gate of Al Balad leading the guests to the original entrance of the old town.

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