Revitalizing the sense of community through public spaces in Ain el mreisseh

clara el boustany

Beirut is witnessing social, urban and demographic fragmentations due to successive periods of investment that reshaped its built environment, physical image, public life, and social and economic life. Ain el mreisseh, is a neighborhood going through urban modification and fragmentation. The inner city neighborhood needs to be reorganized to improve existing features of the urban environment, the community engagement and occupation of the public spaces while providing new facilities. The thesis envisions an activated urban connection linking inner ain el mreisseh with the sea corniche through the edge of the AUB campus, hence transforming the campus to a city campus. A lively artery and pathway is created, thus strengthening the communal sense of belonging. The proposition creates a vision of a revitalized neighborhood that celebrates its natural heritage along with the presence of an existing educational institution constituting. The objective is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between AUB and the community of Ain el Mreisseh based on reciprocal exchange and achieve a strategy that reinforce AUB physical integration with its context, hence transform it from an urban barrier into an urban connector, while reviving the area qualities and minimizing social inequalities. It includes the design of campus edges, the inclusion of porous urban corridors and providing public access to an eternal open space.

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