The devastation that occurred on August 4, 2020 in Beirut, made us once again reconsider the meaning of the city in general and the affected area in particular, and the role that architecture plays in the construction of a sense of identity. In this context, the historical layers of the city, which are based on its social, economic, and urban fabric are essential to develop a contemporary vision and projects for the devastated area of Beirut city.
The faculty and students of design studios for fall and spring 2020-21, were involved in projects that addressed the immediate social needs, as well as other projects that would be part of an urban overview of the city.
The “exhibition” features the work of architecture and interior design students, from second, third and fourth year, to the final year projects. The objective was to involve students in the re-envisioning of the destroyed areas both on a practical and theoretical levels, with the prospect of generating new scenarios for a communal urban life conducive to dialogue, participation and communication among all the stakeholders in the city.

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