elvana mohamad

In a time of crisis or war, one is constantly thinking about the future just as much as thinking about the present. We always wonder “when will it end”, “what will change”?
Scenario: Inspired from the quarantine we are living today, and starting from a precedent, Children’s home for the future by Cebra, a machine was created. The main idea behind the orphanage by Cebra is to make the kids feel at home, rather than in an institution and feel connected, through the continuous interior circulation.
This inspired the machine, which is an orphanage built post crisis (post-war) for children to heal through music, and connect again to each other visually and physically. The organizational system of the units allowed the continuous circulation between all the 8 units on each floor where there’s also a recurring shift between interior and exterior spaces to reach the other units. Simultaneously creating a central space that is visible and easily accessible from all the units, and therefore recreating the walk in the City.

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