youssef el hadi

Narkomfin apartments redefined the quality of living by reinterpreting stackable units. The architects crafted a vertical community based on standardization interconnected that humanized modernism.
I imagined an extreme scenario where the government would control knowledge, books would be illegal; they would be burned down in order to take control of the society.
Inspired by Rays Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, my unit is designed for the resistance that believe in the power of knowledge.
My machine is a resistance camp that perforates the city built for those who desire to protect it. This machine is situated in a site that is enclosed by the city and nested within its layers. this device is a combination of 7 units that create a maze, a filtration system suspended in mid-air with no access for unwanted visitors.
Years after this organism has set its tentacles in the city new nuclei start to nest in pre-existing building, growing the ideology of the resistance.

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