tutor | jemma chidiac


This studio focuses on transdisciplinary approaches and problem based techniques. For the MACHINE for living project, a site in the city of Byblos was chosen.  Students analyzed canonical works as a basic tool in the design process. Students were asked to investigate the different aspects of the site including building height constraint, topography, roads, sun, and wind orientation all becoming the initial parameters of their designed system. The students designed a unique and functional UNIT, a housing module for orphans. The UNIT, a component to be multiplied 6 times, reflects the conceptual framework related to context and precedent analysis that will determine its uniqueness as well as the functional aspect required for their organizational system for an orphanage- The MACHINE. The studio fostered collage as a communicative tool for design translating theoretical approaches deduced from the precedent project into spatial experiences within both unit and machine. The project designs were developed through models, sketches, and collages.

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