diab aly

The promenade, the datum which holds all functions of the unit resembles a wavelength, in the unit as much as in the orphanage as a machine similarly to Borneo by MVRDV, highlights what is to come, therefore taking the resident’s attention towards a new peak every time a change arises. However, maintaining this strong directionality and focus towards the front or the back, whether it’s through the common spaces which are the units by themselves, or the continuous sheltered spaces created by their intersectionality, or the outdoor space that connects the units together in upper floors.
The sheltered/unsheltered alteration as well as the clear disparity between private and public, while maintaining the continuity aspect makes place for multifunctional spaces. The latter reflects the unit, in a sense that it responds to its needs. Due to the intersection of all components, a balance of safety and openness takes place in the orphanage, without being intrusive.

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