tutor | antoine lahoud


The studio aims to bridge an understanding between the Massing of a project in relationship its smallest component and the site. The architectural discourse of this exercise, THE MACHINE, aimed to question and reinterpret collective living.
Through an analytical and theoretical investigation of precedent projects, the students outlined their narratives. As an orphanage program and a site in Byblos were specified to THE MACHINE, the students designed a unique and functional component or unit that once replicated 6 times encouraged an investigation of an organizational system specific to site, context and program.
While fostering technical drawings as a main tool for designing and planning, integration within the site, access, circulation, in between spaces, shared spaces, public spaces, spatial qualities and sun and wind orientation were addressed.
The project was further developed through perspectives, axonometric drawings, and models. The aim of the studio was to encourage students to think by hand and to examine proportion, ratio, scale and spatial qualities within a new way of collective living.

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