imane el hachem

The sejima wing is a 10 stories building that is part of a communal block of 4 other buildings. This precedent has many features. It has a linear organization of parallelepipeds that are configured with a study on the natural sun light and how it confront the building, and it’s also elevated on its own structure. On the interior it has a datum of 4×2 rooms that are very remarkable at the level of the plan were we have apartments composed by this datum by repeating it 2 3 or 4 times.
However this building has many other architectural elements that reflects its concept and thinking process. Those datum rooms doesn’t have any circulation connection between them and they are all connected through a linear corridor on the north façade. In addition to not having any visual connection to the outside from those rooms by having instead a full glass façade on corridor of the north. This configuration makes the building very connected to the outside from the north side but from the south we have a linear outdoor corridor that connects all the apartments together. In addition this building doesn’t have an indoor entrance or a staircase but we have series of stairs on the south façade connected to the outdoor corridor mentioned before with just metallic wire and glass for safety on both corridor and stairs. This means now after looking into the aspect of the building that we have a physical connection from the south and a visual connection from the north without having them elsewhere together in addition to the elevation from the ground. Consequently we can assume that the people living in these spaces are very open to the outside but are still preserving their privacy and their personal living spaces.
This character reflects perfectly the orphan who is weak, broken, and shy but is still willing to confront his future in a home full of love and support which is the orphanage that we’re going to design.     

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