andira khanafer 

We are in the year 2060 and a new disease is threatening the way we live. Due to a high consumption of processed food, GMOs and many industrial products, a new disease surfaced; the KITUS-05. It affects one’s kidneys and damages the whole system. The only way to cure it is a kidney transplant. The KITUS-05 provoked a boom in the trade of organs, and the shortage of kidneys would quickly lead to a war on organs. The main consequence is the mass kidnapping cases that occurred around the globe: people were being kidnapped and their healthy kidneys were removed, to cure sick patients.
The KITUS-05 had a drastic impact on every aspect of life and especially in the way we design. It was necessary to think about one’s relation to the outside world, and come up with an architectural solution to fulfill one’s needs in this crisis era and the survival behavior that had to be adapted.
As we dive underwater, we see the units creating a small community, scattered in the ocean, all disconnected but connected, dispersed yet assembled, with submarines swimming around from unit to another, beside the sea creatures, invading their habitat and creating a new one. The ocean turns into a museum, recording traces of the past water levels, units anchored down, counting the new depth of water as water level continues to rise, and machine continues to float.

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