kassem fattah

In an age where greed and competition has taken over humans, we no longer have boundaries to how far we’ll go to get what we want. The same authoritarian government that has lead us to this through its flawed ruling is now planning on rewiring its citizens to control their way of living. It plans on locking people away in spaces designed to trick them into thinking they are escaping this world into their own quasi euphoria, where all they do is get wasted. As means of control, the units are designed to make drinking the main activity around which the person’s day revolves. Under controlled and supervised conditions, the residents are allowed to gather in an open air pit that forms the alcoholics’ city; a series of bars positioned between the raised units under which are more spaces that comply with their needs as alcoholics.
As we dive underwater, we see the units creating a small community, scattered in the ocean, all disconnected but connected, dispersed yet assembled, with submarines swimming around from unit to another, beside the sea creatures, invading their habitat and creating a new one. The ocean turns into a museum, recording traces of the past water levels, units anchored down, counting the new depth of water as water level continues to rise, and machine continues to float.

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