tutor | joseph kiprianos


The goal of this studio is to orient students to the ever-increasing design complexities through investigation of medium scale design problems, and to translate raw information into workable set of design concept documents which improves the students’ abilities in treating their ideas within an architectural context.  The studio will focus on the application of knowledge gained in structural and environmental courses through different design project themes of high complexity; the suggested design solutions are to be investigated and evaluated based on the suitability, integration, and respect of the existing style and cultural values.
During development and progress of the project, students are subjected to the following: Site, climate & other physical limitations, Technological limitations, and Social, economic, cultural and human limitations . Students are urged to conduct thorough research of existing projects of comparable magnitude both locally and internationally in an attempt to discern trends, approaches and solutions.  Based on the research and analysis, students must develop a program to serve the Byblos community, with a maximum built-up of1500m2 in a site located at LAU upper gate. 
After the physical assessment of the site conditions, students went to research the standards which set out the basis of such projects. Thus following site analysis, full understanding of precedents, and exposure to relevant codes, student were able to propose a functional program diagram that became the foundation of any design decision, formulating design concepts that integrates structure, egress and electromechanical aspects in the architectural outcome, then brought into perspective through model making.

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