tutor | patrick abou khalil


This studio will focus on production spaces in the city whereby they express the active, dynamic and vigorous part of the city. By studying the rich complex structure of a specific site, not only through the functionality of the buildings, but rather through the principles, the ideology, the urban form, the networks, the social activities of the users of the buildings, the Architectural elements. This studio will propose an analytical approach to the urban industries in its context.
In our current everyday life, we tend to focus on private, commercial and public spaces. The production spaces are not always given as much significance. Today, a new form of manufacturing is taking place that is digital, intelligent, circular, local, social and tailor-made, creating a gateway for the product improvement and requiring a new infrastructure, on the social, economic and production level. This is what this studio will explore.
The first exercise will be in this studio is concentrated on the development of the fundamental skills of the critical reading for the architectural project. The second exercise will be concentrated on how the notion of “context” or a “specific condition of place” plays a role in an architectural design and urban dynamic process. The third part consists of using the acquired techniques in the previous exercises and applying a conceptual idea to a concrete project on a specific site.

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