tutor | dara mcphee


This studio addresses projects of greater complexity in terms of program, site constraints, accessibility, and the introduction of safety criteria.
The course was structured along a series of research, analysis, and development – introducing from the onset the interrelation of structure and architecture as an essential factor aspect of the strategy and design process each project.
The importance of the interrelation of major building components in the design of a building; an understanding that architectural expression relies on its constructional composition, site conditions, structural systems, form, openings, materials while also addressing the context of a specific culture, society and the environment.
The site and individual programs introduced students to notions of connections/ disconnections within the city; infrastructural, societal and economic. Beyond developing the requirements of the program and the constraints of the site, a special focus was on the spatial atmosphere of internal spaces exploring architecture and the senses, expanding beyond ocular-centric traditions and encouraging the development of instinctual and unconscious aspects of our relation to space.

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