alaa misto

The project is a musical fracture on the Abdul Wahab Al Inglizi Street in Achrafieh: walking along the street, one is drawn into intimate pockets and hidden networks. It suggests the recreation of a fracture situation, present at the core of the project and splitting it programmatically: the ‘material’ – with the restoration and exhibition spaces, and the ‘immaterial’- with music classrooms and exhibition space. The two sides of the project are connected through bridges crossing the void that finally merge into one space: the auction space. Moving linearly then meandering upwards, is an attempt to have the experience of progressing through the dimensions of space, in parallel to the 4 aspects of music reflected programmatically: the material, social, emotional, and escape aspect. One would have passed through the timeline of a music instrument, allowing the user to gradually get emotionally engaged, and celebrate the uniqueness of the auctioned pieces.

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